The Difference Between Drama and Non-Drama

Too many times, writers mistake information for drama. The need to make sure that the audience understands everything, that nothing is left out, overcomes our better judgement and as a result we write undramatic drivel that serves no purpose except to inform. Continue reading “The Difference Between Drama and Non-Drama”

The Myth of the Three Act Structure

If you’ve ever looked for screenwriting advice in books, on the internet, though seminars or even on the “Ask The Expert” feature on Final Draft, you’ll invariably come across the importance of the three act structure. All the books and gurus talk about how Aristotle detailed the theory of dramatic structure by breaking down story into three acts. Continue reading “The Myth of the Three Act Structure”

Completed the First Draft of Wong of the Dead

Today I completed the first draft of Wong of the Dead. This will be a feature length version of The Hopping Dead, my short about jiangshi – Chinese hopping vampires. This is the first script that I have written where I had fun writing and enjoyed the writing process. All in all, it took about 100 days to finish this script. More updates on this project soon.